About me

Mag. Andreea Vicol-Krenek

Originally, I come from a nice, quiet city on the western side of Romania. In the summer of 2009 I moved to Vienna and the beautiful, imperial city became my home. Here I completed my studies in Psychology at the University of Vienna and successfully completed postgraduate training as a clinical psychologist at the Austrian Academy of Psychology (AAP).

I gained a first clinical-psychological practical experience in my hometown in Romania:

  • Summer 2013: in the Clinic of Neurology and Psychiatry.
  • Summer 2014: in a private psychological practice.

My subsequent professional experience was in Vienna, at the organization Österreichische Autistenhilfe. My duties included: individual care of children with autistic perception, boosting the concentration and self-organization aptitudes and integration of the child in the classroom.

In the spring of 2017, my profession led me to the idyllic Mühlviertel (Austria), where I had the opportunity to work at the non-profit private Organization ARCUS Sozialnetzwerk GmbH. The focus of my work was in the psychosocial counseling center Mikado (Sarleinsbach). My duties here included counseling of people of different age groups with day-to-day issues and difficulties, clinical-psychological treatment of mental disorders etc. 

In addition to my practice,  between August 2019 and May 2021 I was employed in the clinic in Waidhofen/Thaya (Niederösterreich), in the department for child and adolescent psychiatry. Currently (since May 2021 to date) I am working in the outpatient clinic for child and adolescent psychiatry in the 21st district (SOS Children's Villages).