Psychological Practice

Mag. Andreea Vicol-Krenek



What is Clinical Psychology?


It is a branch of psychology that deals with mental disorders and impairments, physical illnesses with psychological influence factors, emotional and psychological crises, stress reactions, etc.

Clinical Psychology includes:

  • Diagnosis

  • Counseling (short term)

  • Treatment (longer term)

The services I offer include:

  • Psychological counseling: psychological expertise and scientific methods are applied, with the aim of overcoming various life crises, conflicts, (everyday) problems and difficulties etc.

  • Psychological treatment: aims to alleviate and treat mental disorders and the resulting social, emotional, cognitive, physical ailments and impairments.

  • Clinical-psychological diagnosis: is the assessment of mental and behavioral problems and disturbances and represents an important prerequisite for the further treatment plan. Depending on the subject matter, the clinical-psychological diagnosis consists of an anamnesis interview and individually selected psychological test procedures on the basis of which a clinical-psychological report is prepared. A clinical psychological diagnosis can take up to several appointments, depending on the issue.

  • Counseling and professional support for people whose loved ones suffer of a mental illness: psychoeducation and information about said mental illness, tips for everyday life, a safe place where the stress and discomfort regarding the mental illness of a loved one can be discussed.

  • Initial discussion/first appointment: includes the following aspects and topics: clarification of personal expectations, detailed discussion of your concerns, drafting an individual treatment plan, etc.

Some of the topics where I can support you:

  • Personal emotional crises and burdens;
  • Affective disorders (Depression,);
  • Anxiety disorders (panic attacks, generalized anxiety disorder, social phobia, etc.);
  • Other mental illnesses;
  • Physical ailments with psychological influences;
  • Grief or loss of a loved one;
  • Stress management and relaxation;
  • Significant life events;
  • Relationship problems;
  • Coping with physical ailments and medical interventions;
  • Self-esteem problems;
  • Hardships and stress in the workplace;
  • ..and others.

Target group: children(above 5 years old), youths and adults.