Psychological Practice

Mag. Andreea Vicol-Krenek

"If there is a faith that can move mountains, it is the faith in one's own power."


-Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach


When should you seek professional help?


There may be times in your life when you feel depleted, irritable, overwhelmed, lonely or scared. Sometimes day-to-day issues might suddenly seem like impossible burdens. Everyone encounters difficult challenges from time to time. However, every now and then these personal problems can get to heavy to be faced alone, or the usual strategies (like talking to a closed one) may prove insufficient.

During a personal crisis or concern, I offer you a safe place, and an open and understanding mind.My methods will be based on your individual objectives (what is your starting point and what do you want to achieve), depending on the issue, personal ressources, etc.

There is no universally successful roadmap. Every individual is unique.